December 30, 2012

Can you believe it??? Its been one year tomorrow since we closed our doors to the physical store, and opened some new doors online.  As some of you already know, we are online and doing pretty good!! The sites we do business on are on the “Welcome” page and listed below as well.

We’ve been working pretty hard on establishing ourselves online, posting inventory, creating a home-office, taking little trips here and there and trying to enjoy our semi-retirement life in general.   

Our “Farewell Friends” page is very heartwarming as it shows via photos, all the love we received throughout the years in business, particularly the last few months.  Many people stopped by to wish us well particularly when we got a bit of airtime on TV’s Channel 7 thanks to Jonathan Bloom film clip, and Channel 2 the last week in business.  Some pictures taken do not have a caption/name because we lost track.  If there is someone who is not identified and you recognize them please let us know.

Please stay in touch with us as we cherish your friendships. We are working on revising our website and will accept any suggestions you may have to offer.  Stay tuned for the dates we will be posting whenever we attend swap meets or flea markets.  We’d love to have you stop by and visit us if you so desire or looking for that unique poster, artist board or music related item.

By the way, a State Farm Insurance branch office took over the property at 26 Ocean Avenue and the young man who heads the branch, Andre Scroggie is a very nice young man.  He also helped in making our move less stressful.  The space was transformed into office space in no time!!  Looks wonderful!!!

Thanks so much for your loyalty and friendship. Joe & I wish you all a wonderful, joyful and peaceful 2013!!! xoxoxoxo

God’s blessings!

Elba & Joe

October 29, 2012

Hello Creative Music Family!!!! We did it!!! We actually “left the building” where we made our mark as music retailers on April 2, 2012, two days beyond our deadline.  We must say, it wasn’t easy! We’d like to thank, once again, those who helped us out and made it possible for us to have a smoother transition than we would have without their help and encouragement: Justin Torres, Josh B Cuz, Damien (Maurice) Minor, David Holder, Russell “Big Russ” Gatewood, Chris CJ Flash Jourdan, Jose Rivera,

and Tony Aumoeualogo.

Since then, we’ve been creating and developing a presence online under our altered business name Creative Music SF Online.  We are mainly on Amazon - & Discogs -

February 29, 2012

Greetings!  It’s been a while because we’ve been sorting,  packing,

posting, selling furniture & fixtures on 6 days a week since we officially closed down the brick & mortar business on December 31st and still haven’t finished.  There are still some furniture/fixtures left and we are selling them individually, as some people are buying one for their garage, studio or music room.  We’re asking for your prayers in meeting our goal to complete this project by March 30. Ooooweeee, do we need a break!!! 

For those of you who bided on posters, plaques & artist boards most of them were hard to get to. Now that the bins are empty, it is easier to move the fixtures around to reach the posters on the high ceiling.  You will be contacted within the next few days to schedule a time for you to get your item if you are still interested.  Thanks so much for your patience & understanding.

We are still accepting messages on our business telephone (415) 334-1011 until the end of March (with your prayers), so feel free to leave a message.  If we are there, the answering machine will come on, and we will pick up once you ID yourself. 

Thanks for your prayers, God Bless, stay tuned and we’ll see you around! xoxoxoxo

January 25, 2012

We have posted the sale of furniture, display racks & fixtures etc. on craigslist if any of you are interested or know anyone that may be, we would appreciate your directing people to us. If anything materializes as a result of your referral, we are willing to negotiate a finder’s fee.   Thank for your help!!

December 31, 2011

We closed our doors for business today with heavy hearts! We will miss you all and will draw positive energy from fond memories that were generated as a result of our connections! Please stay in touch:, FaceBook: CREATIVE MUSIC EMPORIUM & our online store links &

We will be in the store sorting & packing for the next couple of months.  Our number (415) 334-1011 is still good until February 29, 2012. I am slowly posting random pix on the “Farewell Friends” page and trying to match pictures with names...not as easy as I wished! If you see anyone you know without a name please email and let me know, it would be greatly appreciated!!  Much love & respect!

December 21, 2011

We recognize that we publicized our store closure date as Saturday, December 31, 2011 but we don’t know what we were thinking!  New Year’s Eve is usually a slow period and have decided to close our doors Friday, December 30, 2011 instead.  Sorry if that causes anyone an inconvenience.  Thanks for your understanding!!

The artist boards are going fast.  We still have a significant quantity left.  You’ll have to come in to take a look at those.  Also, if you go to our “Welcome” page, click on the video, you’ll be able to see the posters and some plaques that are available for bidding.

The 50% off sale is going very well and we are starting the count down before closure!  We are in the process of closing the bidding for the plaques and rare posters on the walls, hanging banners from the celling and other memorabilia that has been part of CREATIVE MUSIC’S personality over the 26.5 years.  If any of you are still interested in bidding, you have until Tuesday, December 27th.  There is some scheduled filming to take place at the store and we are trying to preserve the historical ambiance so it can be be captured for future reference.    Stay tuned for perhaps one last blurb!  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Our online store links &

November 18, 2011

Things are moving along nicely with our 50% sale on CDs & DVDs excluding new releases.  We also just started to auction off our rare wall posters, plaques,  and banners.  That too is off to a good start.  So far, there are bids on posters such as:  Bootsy “Bootszilla “Collins, George Clinton (Funks You), Ice Cube (Amerikka’s Most Wanted), Dr. Dre (The Chronic), NWA (Straight Outta Compton), Michael Jackson 3x3 Board and more.  You can take a peek at our wall posters and artist boards on our “Welcome” page, just click on the video for a virtual tour or drop by for details and place a bid.  Please keep in mind that they are NOT all 4 sale.  Stay tuned for more developments. 

October  28, 2011

Well folks, this is it!!!!  CREATIVE MUSIC EMPORIUM will be closing our doors effective Saturday, December 31, 2011, New Year’s Eve!!!!  I know...we can’t believe it either.  We are one year behind schedule but it is now a reality.  We thank God for our music experience shared with each and everyone of you.  We also feel very blessed to have shared so many celebrations such as:  birthdays, graduations, holidays, marriages, births, career advancements, property/business acquisitions, relocations, family transitions, etc.  These occasions gave us an opportunity to develop a close relationship with many of you and consider you our extended family. 

During the month of November, we’ll be having a 50%  off sale on CDs, DVDs, selected vinyl, posters, artist boards and framed memorabilia.  Sale does not apply to new releases, box sets, and vintage vinyl.  We are developing a presence on the internet where we are posting some of our rare, hard to find & out of print inventory.  Right now, and are our main web territory where we have a few “gems” listed, take a peek if interested: &

For those faithful friends & customers who want to reminisce about our contribution to a piece of music industry history, please stop by with your camera and youngsters (who will not see anything like CREATIVE MUSIC in their future music experience), for a photo opportunity.  We’re also taking photos to put on our website’s “Farewell” photo page.  We will always have fond memories of servicing the San Francisco Bay Area Community!!  Many blessings to all of you.  Remember, “Life without music would be a mistake.” Author unknown


August 8, 2011

Apologies for the delay in reporting our recent developments.  Just to up date those interested with respect to our “closure forecast,”  it now looks like we’ll be here  a “bit” longer than anticipated since we have lots of inventory to research and process, particularly the rare and out of print items.  So, according to our best prediction, we’ll most likely be in our physical location up to the end of 2011.

We are constantly restocking our clearance/sales bins with CDs & Vinyl.  Clearance Sale on used CDs (strictly from our personal collection, some never played) are still 2 for $10.00 or 1 for $7.00 include: Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Reggae, World Beat, Jazz, Gospel, Pop/Rock, Alternative & Relaxation music.  Also on sale are, new & used 12" Vinyl, 45s & vintage LPs.  Great gems  available while supply lasts!!!  Artist boards & banners are now on sale one day a week (Wednesdays) only, for those who love pop art deco or want to decorate a studio/recreation room. 

For you collectors, Creative Music Emporium currently has a presence on and the link is   Check out and see if your personal “wish” item is on our list.  Again, only rare, hard to find, and out of print items are listed.  Thanks for your continued support  and well wishes.

JULY 1, 2011

We finally have a chance to come up for “air” since we walked out of the store on April 2 after the most stressful & traumatic experience since we stared the business 27 years ago.  It was sad but we do feel a sense of accomplishment

April 11, 2011

Please support RECORD STORE DAY & INDEPENDENT RETAILERS! Creative Music will be having a store-wide sale including, buy 2 CD & get one free from our used rack.  Also, free old school t-shirts will be given away to the first 16 people who mention RECORD STORE DAY!  Look forward to seeing you this Saturday, April 16th.   

Looks like we’ll be around  thru the summer trying to close down our “lil baby” without too much stress. Please let us know  if you want to be included in our farewell website page when you stop by so we can take a picture of you.  If you still have it, bring by the first piece of music you bought at our store to include in the picture. 

Btw, Joe has been putting out lots of “primo” vinyl for those of you who are looking for collectibles items, particularly Jazz, Blues & Oldies. 

We really appreciate all of our customers past & present.  Blessings!

March 14, 2011

Last week, we placed an additional LP rack on the floor  to make room for more vinyl.  For “old school” collectors, this section should be of interest to you. 

There are some “original press” LP  selections of Jazz, Blues & Doo Wop/R&B.  Stay tuned for Pop & Rock after we sort through our inventory.  The “crates” are also being replenished as we sell off the stock.  Remember, “the early bird catches the worm” or something like dat!!!  :-) 

Joe has given another “closure forecast” and he believes we should have things wrapped up by the summer.  We’re hoping someone who loves music will be interested in buying the business and continue the tradition, pray with us.  

Everybody is looking for a par-tee but we’ll see!!!!  Thanks to those of you who continue to support us.  

February 20, 2011

For those of you who are into 45's, we are giving our customers an op to check some out before we put them online.  For our customers the price is $3/each or 2 for $5.  The more sought after go first!!!!  We have also created another vinyl crate $4.99 & up.  Stay tuned for the sale on classic LPs, posters and artist boards!!!

January 21, 2011

Hi Music Family! We added a "Breaking News" page to our website as you can see, and a "Customers/Friends"  to add photos of faithful customers and friends. Will add more as we come across them. Stay tuned for (highly requested) 45's going on sale soon!!!

December 24, 2010

It is with a great deal of mixed emotions that we make this announcement.  As some of you may already know, we are in the process of scaling down and eventually giving up our brick & mortar business as our lease expires in January 2011.  So far, it looks like we will be around through the Spring on a month-to-month basis.  (It’s taken longer than we anticipated to sort our inventory!)  We hope to sell the business but, if we don’t we’ll be liquidating inventory in the late Spring.  Once we shut it down, if we don’t sell, we will take some time off to regroup, and eventually transition to the internet where we hope to sell our rare/hard to find items & memorabilia we’ve collected over the 25 years in business.

In the meantime, we are selling some of our collectables, LP’s, CD’s, Posters, Artist Boards etc. during this time, online and at CREATIVE MUSIC EMPORIUM.  We will be planing to have special sales for the music buffs and to accommodate requests from our loyal customers and music reps who want first dibs.   For those who are interested in being included just send us an email to: and type in the subject field “sign me up.”  We will add you to the list of individuals to be contacted for these specials sales, and in addition, keep you posted of our developments.  Follow our “status” on Facebook as well: CREATIVE MUSIC EMPORIUM. 

We are currently creating a photo page on our website labeled Customers/Friends for our viewers to check out and reminisce.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email, post or call us.  Thank you to all of those who have been dropping by to wish us well and try to (unsuccessfully) convince us to stay on.  :-)